{December 3, 2012}   appreciation

thank you for sharing my blog link with others: sirtilc42.wordpress.com


Larry Fagley. owner of Chatham Monument Co. says:

If you are in Savannah, I would like to offer you and your dog a roof, and some dirt to plant veggies. I am at 3326 Skidaway Rd..912-349-1634. Lets talk

Larry says:

I think we could make room for 2 and a dog without any problem
…its actually my store and warehouse and my camper in the warehouse….as far as meals we’ll figure something out….I have a grill as well as microwave and fridge in the warehouse/store….

no worries on food, we have our own. can plant veggies in trade fora space …

sirtilc42 says:

If you make it to Miami let me know though I expect to only be here until March or April!

miami’s not outta the question .. we make it up as we go tho .. we’re headed to ocala soon

William S says:

We live in Beaufort SC. About a mile from Broad River bridge. We have dogs so we know how important they are. There are some jobs here. You can catch all the fish,shark,blue crab, or shrimp that you want near the bridge. Bill and Maribel You can email us at fuelessgenerator@yahoo.com.

Habi says:

One love girl! Farm hopping is the way to go, trust me. I am a musician with dog out of Savannah, Ga for now. . . Write me anytime.

William S says:

Glad to hear you are doing well. Even if you are not coming this way feel free to message us at fuelessgenerator@yahoo.com. Bill and Maribel

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