{January 7, 2013}   down at the funny farm

down at the funny farm, we planted the seeds .. garett built a new fence and i earned the title of bermudannihilator. we chopped our own pine tree in the forest and illuminated it with white holiday lights. we had a meal made from only that which was obtained on the farm itself. our host family exceeded my every dream .. a sweet 60-something couple took us in before xmas and we worked their land in exchange for food and board. i heart georgia.

arriving savannah, the transition to city life has been abrupt. here we go again babylon …

we awoke with the chickens.



{December 3, 2012}   appreciation

thank you for sharing my blog link with others: sirtilc42.wordpress.com

{November 19, 2012}   the simple life

we just started gettin in the car and goin where the driver goes, and after strugglin thru more than a week of albuquerque, we finally made it all the way to asheville. yesterday was kind, earning us $80 witha uke, a harp, a sign–anda singin dog named cloud. the tent is on the side of a mount.

{November 12, 2012}   Homeless Hero: Daniel Mustard

after years on the streets of new york, he was entered ina radio show’s homeless shopping spree and happened to mention to the producers that he’s a musician. when he played for them, the entire staff was blown away. and when his youtube video went live–it immediately went viral, and because of that, he even got his own record deal.

i often refer to myself as houseless, because this country is my home, and i make it great where ever i roam.

there’s many reasons to appreciate this lifestyle. here are just a few …

1. you never hafto pay rent or bills

2. you get to wake up on the beach or in nature

3. work is enjoyable when you don’t feel forced into a slave job, odd jobs are fun

4. it’s a true test of where you stand karmically

5. generally people want to help so food is mostly free

6. you learn to live the minimalist lifestyle in a materialistic world

7. you learn to appreciate luxuries such as toilets and ovens and mattresses

8. the friends you make will love you for who you are and not what you can do for them

9. with no job in the way, there’s plenty of time to do the things you actually enjoy

10. you never get stuck with the house chores!!

{November 7, 2012}   NO DOGS ALLOWED

yipe! it’s gotten too cold to sleep outdoors and the shelters won’t accept my pet. i’ve had her since she was a pup, so i can’t exactly be like, ‘sorry kid. you’re on your own now.’.. during the day, it’s mostly okay. but sometimes people’ve been givin me shit for leavin her tied up outside–even with my table right next to the window where we can see one another. plus, i just found out i technically can’t take her on the city bus.

we’re a package deal. period. it’s time to get outta  new mexico …


{November 6, 2012}   houseless in america

you might’ve seen her shuffling down the streets of your hometown. she may’ve been taking a rest on the sidewalk for moments too long. or maybe you saw her singin her heart out to the tune of the uke on any given corner. maybe you stopped to drop a dollar or maybe you saw her in passing and yelled at her to get a life. she has one. i know. that girl is me.

it didn’t bother me much when the home owner sold my place and subsequently, my car died on the side of the road. i just picked up my pack and kept on walkin. we got run out of every town between san diego and san francisco. and after awakening to several armed officers at 4am demanding we leave from under the pier, being harassed for sitting … and after having a tazer gun pulled for hitch hiking … california was gettin to be a bit much.

et cetera